For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tyler Woosley. I am recognized as one of the top prep/diet coaches in the industry with many years of experience. My passion for lifting began when I was playing college football at Arkansas Tech. I found the stage and competing where I forever fell in love. I started out in the men’s physique division, and then moved to classic division capturing wins in both of those. I now compete as a super heavyweight bodybuilder. Although I love the sport, my real passion is prepping and transforming clients. I have been doing this for 7 years.

I did not wake up one day and change my instagram handle or make a post saying I was now a prep coach like you see most people do these days. I spent 3 years interning under an Olympian coach just so I could learn the right way. I eventually earned my Masters of Nutritional Science. I wanted to make sure I did things the right way and was able to completely master the process before I took clients on. Ever since then I have put award winning physiques on stage many times. Countless wins, overalls and pro cards.

My life has been dedicated to health and fitness since I was 19 years old. I live religiously knowing my true calling is to help clients be their best and help them achieve their dreams/goals on and off the stage. I take proven methods and apply them.

  • I work with anyone and everyone. Athletes, competitors, moms/dads and just anyone who is willing to give me 100%.
  • My only goal is to help my clients reach their goals.
  • I hope to help you reach yours as well

Coach Ty Woosley

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